How To Schedule a Particular Task in CWP Panel


  • We often meet the requirement that a task should be performed automatically to a set schedule.
  • For this type of requirement we have Crontab  under the tab CWP Settings.
  • Crontab stands for “cron table, ”  because it uses the job scheduler cron to execute tasks.
  • Cron is the system process which will automatically perform tasks for you according to a set schedule.



  • step-1: Login to CWP panel.

  • step-2: click on Crontab.
  • step-3: click on Add New Cron Job.


  • in the Command section you have to put path of file , which you have perform automatically or schedule that file.
  • in the description section add some description about that scheduler task.
  • in the simple schedule section you can choose the period or interval at which at your task should be executed automatically. it can once per minute, once per hour, twice a day,  etc.
  • If you want your customized interval or period then go inside Show Advance Option below simple schedule and do your customization.
  • Finally save the Cron.
  • And your Task is Done.




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